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Activities Director in Belvidere, IL at Equity Lifestyle Properties

Date Posted: 3/28/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description


For 2017, a change will take place with the Activities Director position. Most positions at Pine Country will undergo a “cross training” aspect to further assist with proper staff coverage, provide consistency and create a more cohesive work environment.  Certain positions, nay not be 100% “cross trained” depending on the specific scope.  We are a “TEAM” network and all must be willing to take on any situation presented.

Overtime:  All staff must be diligent with overtime hours. As this will impact the overall payroll budget.

Development of a weekly work schedule by month will be provided to each employee at an appropriate time frame. All staff hired for “Seasonal” positions are required to work all “holiday weekends”.  Advance time off may be evaluated and permitted if another staff member can cover your hours.  If you “call off” due to illness or family emergency, please contact your immediate supervisor as early as possible. This will help with substitute back up if possible.

Beginning in 2018, all “seasonal” staff must complete a series of safety training classes provided at the campground.  This is mandatory and your supervisor will update you on scheduling. You will be paid for these training sessions. More updates to follow.

The Activities Director will be trained to perform the following job duties:

The Activities Director will work with the Community Manager planning, scheduling and promoting various activities happening at the property.

The Community manager will provide a full season of activity and special events for the season. It is important to provide materials purchasing lists based upon the Activity and Special Event schedule on a quarterly basis.  On weekends that are light in the planned activity schedule, the Activities Director should make future suggestions on creative low cost/no cost to fill the light schedule.  The main focus is activities geared towards kids.

The activities cabinet located in the clubhouse is the sole responsibility of the Activities Director. Cleaning, organizing and keeping an inventory are mandatory. This will help with those purchasing lists.

All activities equipment will be managed by the Activities Director. An inventory will be kept on equipment. With keeping an inventory, it allows the manager to purchase damaged equipment, games, puzzles etc. for replacement. 

It is the responsibility of the Activities Director to clean up after EVERY activity before leaving for the day. A check off sheet for each day of planned activities and special events will be kept, signed and dated by the Activities Director and turned into the Community Manager Sheets not turned in will result in incompletes. Incompletes will be tallied and reflected in the review process.

Golf cart use by the Activities Director is available. After use, the golf cart MUST be returned and plugged in for overnight charge.  If cart is decorated, it must be cleaned up before returning at the end of the day.

Activities Director goals: are to be a lead in providing a fun and enjoyable activities experience. Park activities are based on an entire family experience.  When there are kids being mischievous it is the Activities Director to intervene. Use your best judgment when handling these situations.  There will also be an occasional adult that may become problematic. With adults, please DO NOT attempt to defuse the situation alone. Use the buddy system with other staff.  MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!!!!!

Assistance with Administrative Assistant Duties:

Answering the telephone using proper etiquette

Developing proper organizational office skills

Taking reservations and payments through Digi Rez

Using the 2 way radio to communicate with the security gate

Waiting on customers that stop in for information, literature and assist with questions

Email blast weekly newsletters to all Annuals and weekend campers

Work with Manager to process Annual contracts, and all other yearly paperwork

Make copies when necessary

Learn how to run daily Revenue report

Complete a daily site occupancy report each morning

Assistance with the General Store

Learning to use the cash register, make change Balancing the register beginning of the day and the end of the day

Keeping a weekly physical inventory

Updating the outdoor Activity Board 2 weeks at a time

There will be other job duties as needed

Assistance with Park Ranger

Main priorities are:  Use of Annual and retail camper registration lists on a daily basis to assist with “check in” arrivals at the park.

Verify a complete check in packet provided by the Office. Make copy of driver’s license, confirm address and telephone information. Document license plate and vehicle make and model. All pre-booked reservations are prepaid prior to arrival. Provide packet with directions to available sites suitable for the size of the RV.  If possible, escorting guests to site is most helpful. Depending on how busy will determine if this courtesy can be offered.
The Park Ranger will carry a 2-way radio as well as a park cell phone
An electric golf cart will be provided for park patrol, escorting and guest assistance at site

Ranger Security

Park security is a main component to this position. Patrolling of the property between the hours of 9:00 pm. and 12:00 am. To enforce improper parking, verifying visitor vehicles are properly tagged and enforcing 11:00 pm. quiet hours.  Periodic checks throughout the evening at the Clubhouse and the pool. Walking pool deck, checking for glass and verifying all children have an adult present while swimming. Pool lights must be turned on at dusk and pool is closed and locked at 10:00 pm.  Clubhouse is closed and locked up at 11:00 pm.

Should an incident develop, immediately contact management for further instruction. Any incident must be documented on an incident report and provided to management the following morning.

Be advised that this position is required to cross train with Park Ranger, Administrative Assistant and Park Model Housekeeping.


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